We are delighted to introduce to you the new owner of Clarity Hospitality Software Solutions New Zealand, Stuart Stitt.

Stuart Stitt

Over the past twelve months our board has been looking at the best way to focus on the ongoing development of our software systems at a faster pace. The key focus being to improve what we currently offer, stay ahead of the ever-changing technologies of our modern world, while still maintaining our existing customer service and relationships.

To achieve these goals the decision was made to sell the Sales and Support business of Clarity Hospitality for the New Zealand and Pacific regions, but retain the overall Clarity development relationship including software and branding……business as usual but with greater resourcing overall.

We were lucky enough that this coincided with Stuart looking for his next venture, and with an extensive background in the IT industry, and his shared vision of where we want to take Clarity over the coming years, he believed it was the perfect fit.

The team see this move as the next step in propelling Clarity forward and further enhancing our offerings out to the market, and the familiar faces and voices that you know will remain the same moving forward, with business as usual enhanced by the addition of an exciting and innovative new leader.

The Clarity family welcomes you Stuart, and we are excited to have you with us as we move in to 2018.