Features . . .

  • Removes the need for on-premise Server hardware and operating systems
  • Reduces in-house IT requirements and resources
  • Ensures your Clarity system is always the current version
  • Includes off-premise automatic backups, redundancy provisioning and recovery solutions
  • Able to access from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Fast processing because of dedicated servers
  • Easily and securely accessed for maintenance or support
  • Flexible when additional modules are required
  • System provisioning is managed by Clarity
  • Server resources can be scaled up at anytime

Benefits . . .

  • Capital expenditure on Software and Servers is eliminated
  • Capital can be allocated to other projects
  • Business continuity is protected
  • Flexible work locations become an option
  • Faster implementation of systems is achieved
  • Eliminates the future cost of server replacement cycles
  • Eliminates the future costs of server operating system upgrades
  • Eliminates the cost of skilled in-house IT maintenance and management resources
  • Environmentally friendly as only using the resources you need
  • Removes the need to predict scale of demand and infrastructure investment


The cash-flow friendly alternative to the cost, risk and administration of on-premise systems. By using Clarity in the Cloud, you can rest assured your Hotel system is always safe, secure and accessible. Plus our subscription billing makes it easy to budget your ongoing software requirements.