Most of us are familiar with the concept of investor owned apartments or units that are either part of a Hotel letting pool or are managed long-term by a ‘Hotel’ management company. Where these differ from other Hotels is the requirement for payment to the individual investors. This varies from contract to contract, but generally it includes a share of revenue, with various costs deducted, on a monthly basis.

This revenue distribution and Owners Accounting can be a nightmare; however at Clarity we have resolved this with a very smart solution. Clarity Hotel Manager has at its heart an exceptional database engine called Caché. This has many features but one is that multiple properties and multiple systems can use just one install. An Auckland company with whom Clarity has had a long association is Time Cost Solutions Ltd, or TCS. TCS develops and sells a fully integrated financial management solution, also developed using Caché.

TCS’s ‘Object Relational Caché Accounting’ system, or ORCA as it is known, is an extremely powerful, yet flexible accounting system. With a General Ledger core and integrated industry specific modules, such as Hospitality, it can handle not only multiple businesses but also multiple currencies. It is ideal for single property sites as well as multi-operational international companies which may have businesses or properties in more than one country.

Because both Clarity Hotel Manager and ORCA use Caché, one install can run both systems. In fact, one install can (and does) run many instances of Clarity Hotel Manager for different properties, together with ORCA. This means that the systems can be either site installed and share a server or they can be Cloud Hosted. Either way access is easy for users. A further key benefit is that by sharing the same architecture, there is none of the error-prone external passing of information that is common with most multi-system interfaces.

ORCA’s Hospitality module includes full Owners Accounting.  It uses the revenues generated from Clarity Hotel Manager’s guest billing, via the unique Caché multi-instance capacity, to make the accounting nightmare a thing of the past. Clarity Hospitality is proud to team with Time Cost Solutions to bring this solution to the Hospitality industry. If this sounds like what you need, please contact us at Clarity Hospitality Software Solutions or click here for more ORCA details.