If you often find yourself entering a stack of manual charges to guest bill you will be happy to know that ‘Quick Post’ will do the same job in less than half the time.

‘Quick Post’ can be found under ‘Cashier’ menu and a screen similar to the guest bookings will appear, however, when you select a room number from the drop down menu you will be taken straight into the ‘Post Charge’ screen,  all you have to do then is enter the item code, amount and click on post charges.

Another way of posting manual charges is doing a ‘Batch Posting’, this is ideal if you know the total amount of the charges you are posting and the room numbers. 

Go to ‘Cashier’ menu, Select ‘Batch Posting’, on the following screen enter the total amount, number of items and click on ‘Save Totals’. A new box will appear, this box is what will be individually posted to the guest bill. Enter the details of individual posting, then click add item. All items will be listed on the screen and any discrepancy will be displayed in ‘Difference’ field to help you track any mistake.

Once the ‘Difference’ field has reached zero click on ‘Post’ and all charges will be posted to the selected room numbers.