We now consume information online in a very different way than we did a decade ago. More devices, more screen sizes and less want/need to click to find the information you're after has created new standards in web design. Choicehotels.com have seen and reacted to the constantly changing digital landscape. 

According to Karmela Gaffney, VP of digital commerce at Choice Hotels International, "the digital team spent an estimated 45,000 hours testing more than 375 designs for our new website. A key element to updating the site for a new generation of travelers was updating the images from each hotel represented. “When your website is dated and your photos are dated, customers assume that if they use your service, they’re gonna have an outdated experience,” Gaffney said. To that end, Choice is taking new photos of every one of the hotels in its portfolio, with 1,400 properties completed to date and a “very aggressive timeline” to get to the rest. “We will complete over 5,000 hotels by next March,” Gaffney said, “and we’re taking between 30-40 new photos of every property.” Previously, every hotel’s page only had between 10 and 15 images of the rooms and public spaces, she noted, but the new photography will be high-res and in-depth to draw potential guests in.

With Google now requiring mobile optimisation for top rankings in search results, new websites need to be adaptive for a consistent experience on smartphones, tablets or traditional computers.

Clarity recognised these changes in 2013 and commissioned MasonCreative to redevelop both our brand identity and our online presence. Two years later our new responsive website is paying huge dividends with new customer enquiry higher than it has ever been. This is a combined result of a modern and appealing identity, great search rankings thanks to both good SEO and a mobile site, and a combined adwords and remarketing campaign. Get in touch with ian@masoncreative.co.nz if you want to make the same steps forward with your brand or website.