What we count, truly counts. According to Chip Conley, an American hotel and motel owner. Tangible data such as revenue and guest attendance are easy, but how do you measure joy?

Our favourite bit? When he talks about a Vietnamese employee of his, who had a very noticeable 'Joy of Life' about her.

She didn't find joy in cleaning toilets, she found joy in the emotional connection between herself and the motel's guests and other staff. Her inspiration came from taking care of others that were a long way from home, because she herself was a long way from home.

Chip then goes on to discuss how to measure the intangible things that make businesses successful? An employee's sense of meaning. A customer's emotional connection with the business.

We loved this video. Find out their employee turnover dropped to 1/3 of the national average, and their customer loyalty skyrocketed, simply by measuring the intangible by asking the right type of questions.