Branding touches in clever places can make a big difference to the overall feeling your guests have when they visit your establishment, and what they remember when they leave.

For example this personalised bottle of wine made through for Oscar on Main Hotel is a great example of cleverly (and literally) attaching their brand to a pleasurable experience, I mean who doesn't like drinking wine? These little touches can really make a guest feel like their stay isn't an off-the-shelf experience.

Ian Mason from Wine Time says, "Usually the thought of making your own personalised bottle seems like a difficult process; find a designer, source a printer, buy some wine, remove the existing label, etc. We've just made the process '3 steps' simple, with the ability to build your own label on the website, and select from our range of cleanskin wines. After that you're done, we do the label printing and applying in-house and free of charge, and send it to you ready to gift."

We think this is great for events or gifts like this one. Check them out below.