Backups have long been a topic of discussion. The stats are that many businesses struggle to even survive loss of their data and at best, there is significant disruption. Unfortunately we observe that many of our clients do not have a daily backup routine that ensures a copy of their data is always available off-site. For a very small monthly fee, our Cloud Backup service minimises disruption and cost to your business in the event of a data disaster – as Voli Voli Resort found out a year ago:

Voli Voli Resort in the north of Fiji had their server crash. It is an 8 hour round trip to get repairs - provided repair or replacement equipment is available. Fortunately, they were one of the early adopters of our Cloud Backup option. With a phone call to us we were able to retrieve their data, load it onto our Cloud Server and have them back in business within 40 minutes. This wouldn’t have been possible without Cloud Backup.

Cloud storage is not an “all or nothing” proposition. You can completely rely on the cloud or choose the cloud to simply augment and/or supplement your existing in-house file storage capabilities.

There are 6 reasons why your business should use Cloud storage according to a article:

1. It can save money: Webroot states at least five reasons why the cloud makes financial sense.  “Zero capital” is one of those reasons.  Most if not all of the infrastructure costs are born by the cloud provider, freeing up valuable capital.

2. It can be customized: The cloud is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Every business has different needs based on storage, budgets, and resources.  As just one example, Richi Jennings, a NetApp columnist for Forbes, states that people should actually think in terms of multiple clouds with multiple functions rather than one larger entity.

3. You can improve more of your operations: Migrating to the cloud could be part of a larger effort to improve your office’s efficiency and organisation. Rather than investing in new servers, a company could reallocate that money for other projects such as a computer “refresh” or perhaps mobility.  It might also serve as an opportunity to begin the migration of Apple Macintosh into an existing Windows-only environment.

4. It can take you out of the office: One great advantage of using cloud-based file storage solutions is the inherent ease of “anytime / anywhere” file access, providing there is an internet connection.

5. It can improve your security: Modern cloud-based file storage providers are extremely concerned with security. They implement strict security protocols and also provide timely software patches. However, it is a good idea to fully understand how each provider handles security or data breaches.  But beyond this, it stands to reason that hardware theft or damage will no longer remain as a source of concern or worry. Eric Spellmann, who teaches businesses how to use the cloud, said that the lack of anything to steal from your physical location is a big plus of moving your data to the cloud.

6. It will benefit your IT team: For a move to cloud-based file systems, there will inevitably be time spent on planning, testing and execution. Post project, however – with most of the heavy lifting for servers, software and security handled by the file storage provider – this can provide an opportunity for your IT team to focus on other areas of technological improvements for your business.

Cloud Backup is an effective tool and we can help safely store your data.