They say you can't beat Wellington on a sunny day, fortunately this summer there has been many. The beautiful weather has been rewarding for much of Wellington's Hospitality Industry and for some it has been the busiest they've seen. Here's an article from with interviews from happy business owners an residents.

Golden weather in the capital has meant Wellingtonians are spending money at home rather than fleeing to normally sunnier spots over long weekends. Residents have flocked to the city's shoreline and hospitality spots to make the most of the abnormally warm temperatures – to the delight of local business owners. Gelato chain Kaffee Eis, which has four stores around the city, has had its busiest summer in 11 years, owner Karl Tiefenbacher said.

"Wellington seems to be getting better and better each year. It's the new Hawaii of New Zealand." Business at Harbourside Coffee Company on Taranaki Wharf had been "really good", owner Brian Marks said. "It's the weather. I can be here on those southerly blow days and you sell two cups of coffee." 

   Fred Kersten, O is for Oriental Bay Beach: summer day in Wellington, 2016


Fred Kersten, O is for Oriental Bay Beach: summer day in Wellington, 2016

Hospitality Association Wellington president Jeremy Smith said the good weather had been a boon for local bars and restaurants "without a doubt". "We've had more sunshine days this year than last year and the year before, and that reflects on all these waterfront venues. You can just see the numbers of people lapping up the sun and enjoying being outdoors."

Back on the wharf, Marks had noticed people leaping off the dive platform every day in an effort to cool off. "They're still jumping off at 10pm or 11pm at night sometimes.

"This summer I've seen nude guys, nude women, guys in suits ... and we had the sevens so you had, like, ninja turtles and Snow White and the seven dwarfs jumping in."