In a world where everything can be accessed from a smartphone, convenience and speed has become an essential part of everyday life. We no longer want to call and make a reservation or go directly to the homepage of our favourite hotel. We want an app for that. Good news for everyone, the hospitality industry is keeping up. Providing immaculate customer care and efficient operation systems are just a few ways apps are revolutionising how consumers interact with their favourite hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. Here are three ways technology is disrupting the hospitality industry.

1. Smartphones - The world in the palm of your hand

Each one of us carrying a small computer everywhere we go gives the hospitality industry an opportunity to improve customer service. With just a touch of a button we're able to download pretty much anything we want, giving access to everything from food and games to shopping and vacations. Take the new iPhone app (available on Android in April) Luxward for instance. "Luxward will change the way people plan their night out," says founder and CEO Phil Castro. "Whether it's dinner with coworkers or last minute bottle service with friends, our innovative technology makes it much more seamless and beneficial to frequent Chicago hot spots." Luxward is a lifestyle app that provides users with the ability to find dining and nightlife reservations, while earning points for every dollar spent or unlocking cool promotions by simply using the app enough...Read more

2. Social Media - Know Where to Go

Before the popularity of social media, restaurants and hotels had to find ways to put their name on the map. There was no such thing as checking-in other than at the hotel itself, and making a name for themselves was hard. Having a social media presence is more important in the hospitality industry than ever before. These days everyone knows what everyone is doing at all times. Sign into Facebook for five minutes and you'll see Dan checked-in to his favourite restaurant, and Jen put up pictures of her incredible hotel room in downtown Chicago...Read more

3. On-demand Economies - The Now Generation

"The now generation" is compiled mostly of, but not limited to millennials. We are no strangers to the culture of wanting everything on-demand, and lucky for us the hospitality industry is giving us exactly that. The prime example of getting what we want when we want it? Uber. They provide fast car service, giving us the ability to go anywhere of our choice and a variety of ways to do it. Hungry? No need to move. Uber will also deliver local food options right to your door...Read more