According to the latest article in the NZ Herald, demand for short term accomodation in New Zealand continues to grow alongside tourism growth. Our question is, is this growth sustainable?

Tourism booms put huge amounts of pressure on accomodation supply, and when that supply is not met, it can't detract from the tourism experience and slow it's growth.

Right now NZ Trade & Enterprise are actively searching for investment in building the hotel industry in New Zealand so this very thing doesn't happen. The NZTE initiative, codenamed Project Palace, will try to sell hotel projects to investors in Asia, the Middle East, pockets of the United States and Europe.

Tourism operators say the squeeze is not at crisis point, but given forecast numbers of travellers, more accommodation is urgently needed. Let's hope that with some large scale investment there will be supply to meet the demand of an ever-increasing tourism industry as brand NZ is sold to the world.

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