You may have seen an article we posted last week about a 150 year old dutch jail that had been turned into luxury accomodation with a quirky twist, and of course the story to go with it and tell every guest. These stories allow guests to invest themselves more deeply in having an accomodation experience, rather than just booking a bed.

New age young travellers - The Millennial travellers, according to the NZ Herald are becoming more discerning - and as the fastest growing consumer group in the travel industry, the sector is starting to take notice. An excerpt from the article below:

It's all about experiences.

For younger travellers, "cookie cutter" tourist packages are out and unique experiences are in. Despite many being in the budget-conscious category, millennials are more likely to splurge on an excursion like scuba diving with sharks, rather than a fancy souvenir.

The same goes with accommodation. Gen Ys are on the lookout for design-savvy hotels that differ from the beige-carpet standard. A range of hotels, such as the Ace Hotel chain, have cropped up with the younger traveller in mind, taking in lots of shared spaces (millennials like to mix and mingle), high-quality amenities and power points galore to plug in laptops and devices.

So, how does this influence your hotel/s right now? Well, it's something to consider - are you simply focusing on providing niceties and service, or are you wanted your guests to have an experience? And if so, what experience do you want them to have? More question than answer we know, but we're here to ask questions and help you with your software systems. The rest is up to you!