When Dougall Love and Harriet Tompson of Clarity Hospitality Software Solutions were in Wellington last month for the opening of Village Accommodation’s fabulous new Boulcott Towers, they also visited other clients. Among these was Olivier Lacoua, General Manager of CQ Hotels. It was on this visit they learned of Olivier’s plan to run the 250km Marathon Des Sables through the Sahara Desert.

Not knowing then that Olivier had already run 67 marathons as part of his goal to run 100 marathons for charity by 2020, they wondered if the Hospitality Industry had finally taken a toll on his mental stability! It turns out however, that this was not just some insane French idea but is an extremely well-planned event that will raise more than $26,000 for Olivier’s favourite charity, the Red Cross.

This is no ordinary marathon! Over 6 days across the sands of the desert, the runners must be entirely self-sufficient, carrying all their food and water with them during each of the five stages. Not only that but they are running in temperatures that can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius, requiring them to drink up to 12 litres of water each day. Perhaps Dougall and Harriets original assessment of Olivier was correct!

After learning of this plan and being inspired by Olivier’s determination and focus, it was an easy choice for Clarity to commit as one of several corporate sponsors. They, like the others, are hugely impressed by what Olivier has already achieved and will be watching his progress in April next year with interest.

Oliver is a truly inspiring character and we wish him well for his challenge.

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