A while back we featured an article in Accomm Management Guide covering how a next generation Property Management System strengthens your business. The headline: There's a wave coming.

That wave of course relates to the surging guest and revenue numbers in the hospitality sector. Yep, they're still building.

In figures from a recent MYOB press release, 'retail and hospitality businesses have backed up surging revenue in 2015 with another strong performance, as 44 per cent of SMEs in the sector say their revenue has improved in the latest survey – up from 39 per cent in September.'

MYOB New Zealand General Manager James Scollay says the retail and hospitality sector has come off the back of a great year, and looks to be gearing up for further growth.

“Following several very challenging years, the sector has continued to grow and consolidate its gains, establishing itself as one of the leading lights in New Zealand’s economy,” Mr Scollay says.

“Optimism is crucial and there is confidence that the positive trends will continue well into the future.”

Most notably, in our perspective, was Mr. Scollay's comments about the Hospitality industry's connectivity, saying the strong use of online technology is an important factor for any business, with the ability to increase revenue and bolster customer engagement, while also attracting new customers and aiding communication.

“The retail and hospitality sector is particularly good at using technology in such a way that it benefits their business,” he says, and we couldn't agree more. Clarity Hospitality Software helps our customers do three things: Increase productivity, make the most of opportunities and increase profit.

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