If you are planning a trip to the Nordic island country of Iceland, say hello to ION Adventure hotel, a stylish piece of architecture built of an abandoned power plant and at the foot of an active volcano. Minarc, a California-based design studio designed ION with the perfect combination of style and comfort, yet remaining environmentally friendly. “A profound sense of connection to and responsibility toward the natural environment is a big part of what it means to be Icelandic” says owner Sigurlaug Sverrisdottir.

ION is built using a prefabricated panelled building system. The new additions to the old structure surpass environmentally safe building standards. Furthermore, each room’s sink was built using recycled tire rubber, and the electricity used throughout the building is generated via the cooling of volcanic water beneath ION. Used water is also cleaned and filtered before being re-deposited beneath the hotel, where it can be used again.

The interiors have local rock and repurposed wood that adorn the insides of ION and its 45 rooms, and is set against Mount Hengill and the area’s lush surroundings. The hotel also boasts an authentic farm-to- table restaurant. There’s also a partly exposed spa that allows visitors to relax and make use of its mineral-rich volcanic ash and clay.

Sverrisdottir says, “We know that we cannot control the weather, cannot control volcanoes, earthquakes. We’ve learned how to live with and respect nature”.

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