Out of all the virtual reality, GPS, underwater digital lap counters and state-of-the-art technologies that will be showcased at the Rio 2016 Olympics, we thought this piece of jewellery will be of interest to you.

Visa in partnership with Brazilian bank Bradesco has launched a bracelet that can be used like a contactless payment card to buy goods and services. The bracelet uses New Field Communications (NFC) technology to enable transactions and all the 4,000 point of sale terminals at the Olympic venues will be equipped with this technology.

Alongside the bracelet, Visa will be introducing another NFC jewellery, a payment ring backed by a Visa account. All the 45 sponsored athletes will be given this ring. It does not need any batteries or recharging and is water resistant.

Where will the future take us?

Watch the interview with Eduardo Coello, Visa’s president for Latin America, for more on Visa’s wearable technology.