We recently found an interesting article which laundry lists ways you can help your business and your team to develop and improve. While it doesn't speak so much about software systems, it does touch on asking 'who you are' and 'what you do', and identifying strengths and weaknesses in both the way you run your business and your team.

Here's an excerpt below, to read the full article please click the button at the end.

  1. The customer often feels lost, so how lost are they? The most talked about feeling right now is customers want to be welcomed and made to feel special; sold to, and looked after all the way through their visit.
  2. Customers often ask why so many staff members have terrible product knowledge, and then spend time asking someone else for the answers throughout their visit?
  3. Repeat visits need to be marketed, but often customers aren’t asked how their experience was. There’s often no repeat offer, not even a ‘thanks for coming’ or ‘see you again soon.’
  4. Show your team you care, with spontaneous recognition. As an industry, we need to get better at finding good things to say about our teams.
  5. Identify ‘time robbers’ among your processes. One thing I do in every single bar re-development for my clients, is set rules and monitor people and processes that rob valuable time.
  6. Carefully identify your ‘superstars’. Work out what you love about them and find more people with the same skills.
  7. Keep your venues clean! The main key to marketing is cleaning. Before you spend money on marketing, review the quality of your cleaning.
  8. Remember the Five Foot Rule: within five feet of someone, you should acknowledge them verbally. This is one of the often forgotten keys in staff training.
  9. Remember the Grandma Rule: keep your cool.
  10. Get the right people in the right place on the bus. Hospitality is often referred to as a bus, so think about who’s driving yours and who needs to get off. Stop paying staff to drive away your customers.