We would like to share with you an AccomNews article on the positive effects of praising your team and reaping its benefits. Acknowledge your team and witness the far-reaching effects that can 'be a pretty powerful tool in raising guest review scores and boosting future bookings.'

As AccomNews puts it:

Genuine praise = Happier and empowered hotel employees = An awesome guest experience = Glowing guest reviews

According to a study in 2013 by Globoforce, '89 percent of people felt more inspired when they were told what they did right, versus what they did wrong,' writes AccomNews. As your aim is to reach your revenue goals, every employee should be working to their highest potential. So compliment and thank your colleagues often, as this will result in more innovation, enhanced job performance and satisfied guests.

AccomNews lists the following easy ways to celebrate and champion your hotel staff:

  • Be quick to praise and acknowledge (both publicly and privately) a staff member’s contribution to the hotel’s success.
  • Be the best listener. Don’t brush off your hotel’s employees. Ask thoughtful questions, carefully listen to their responses and show an authentic interest in them.
  • Be generous with your time. Make the effort to go to their department, spend time with them and keep an open door policy.

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