Compared to September 2014,

New Zealand posted a 1.9% increase in occupancy to 74.7%,
a 5.8% rise in ADR to NZD149.14 and a 7.8% increase in RevPAR to NZD111.33.
Demand in the country was up 2.6% for the month, while supply remained nearly flat at +0.6%. 

The Americas region reported a 3.0% increase in occupancy to 67.6%; average daily rate was
up 5.0% to US$121.89; and revenue per available room increased 8.1% to US$82.44. 

Europe reported a 2.3% increase in occupancy to 80.7%, a 5.4% increase in average daily rate to EUR123.55
and a 7.8% increase in revenue per available room to EUR99.76.

The Middle East/Africa region reported a 0.1% increase in occupancy to 64.9%,
a 13.2% rise in average daily rate to US$158.98
and a 13.2% increase in revenue per available room to US$103.25.


And regionally…..


Compared to September 2014,

The Asia Pacific region reported a 0.5% decrease in occupancy to 68.1%.
However, average daily rate was up 2.0% to US$108.23,
and revenue per available room increased 1.6% to US$73.71. 

China reported slight decreases in each of the three key performance
metrics: occupancy (-0.6% to 64.9%), ADR (-1.2% to CNY548.27) and RevPAR (-1.8% to CNY355.97).
Supply growth (+3.6%) outpaced demand (+3.0%) for September. 

Delhi-National Capital Region, India, saw a 2.1% increase in occupancy to 62.9%
but decreases in ADR (-5.0% to INR5,602.49) and RevPAR (-3.0% to INR3,525.79).
STR Global analysts note a September group ADR decline of 25.8% in the market. 

Phuket, Thailand, experienced a 6.8% increase in occupancy to 59.1%,
a 1.5% rise in ADR to THB2,740.18 and an 8.4% increase in RevPAR to THB1,619.93.
Demand growth (+8.9%) in the market was significant, and ADR increased for the first time in 15 months.

Australia shows virtually no change 2014 to 2015 with occupancy up just 0.1% to 72.9%,
ADR up $3.25 to $186.80 (+ 1.8%) and RevPar up $2,54 to $136.15 (1.9%). Flat all in all.

So in summary, better in occupancy than everywhere except Europe, about the same increase in ADR as America and Europe and much better than China and India,  a similar increase in RevPar as America and Europe, less than the Middle East and Africa. So travelling well in good company and not seeing the declines that China and India are experiencing.