The November 2015 release of Clarity Hotel Manager adds SMS text communication to its capabilities. This will allow two way communications with your guests in very flexible ways. You can send confirmation of their booking, you can send a welcome text, you can send a text inviting them to ‘happy hour’ in the bar, you can send them details of a ‘special’ if they book for dinner, you can send them a ‘thank you for staying’  message – and they can respond! 

This is a great way to build that relationship with your guest and to upsell your services, offer specials, sell Food and Beverage, etc. The ability for them to respond means that they can instantly book that restaurant meal they hadn’t thought about, ask for room service, ask you to book them a taxi, turn up at ‘happy hour’, etc. 

This service is provided and supported by Clarity. You don’t need a subscription to any third party supplier; you only need to talk to us. The cost is modest and is based on a low charge per text that is billed monthly. If this sounds like something you’d benefit from give us a call on (09) 448 2516 or email us at to arrange it.