Are you often in a booking or in the middle of some task in Hotel Manger when a phone enquiry about availability or a different booking arrives?  Or are you in the middle of doing something when someone wants to know something that’s in another area of Hotel Manager? Here’s the easy way to go to a completely different screen without interrupting the task you are doing.

Because Clarity Hotel Manager supports multiple log-ins by the same user on one PC, you can simply minimise the window you’re working on, log-in again from your desktop shortcut and then go to whatever screen you want. By simply swapping windows you can quickly be back at your original task without the need to exit what you were doing.

Note though, that if you have a booking open, complete whatever you were doing in it and close it as leaving a booking open will cause your Day-End to fail. 

It doesn’t matter if you leave the windows open, but if you want to avoid the potential of your log-in being used by other users, we can set your system so that sessions are automatically logged out after a set time of inactivity.