On the first submission Apple accepted the new Clarity Housekeeping Mobile App for download from the Apple App Store. This is remarkable given that apps are submitted on average 5 times before being accepted and 30% of all apps are rejected. Clarity’s first time success was due to paying close attention to Apple’s guidelines and thoroughly testing the application.

So what does the Clarity Housekeeping Mobile App do?

The Clarity Housekeeping Mobile App is installed on an i-phone or i-pad and interfaces to the revised Housekeeping module of Clarity Hotel Manager. It gives Room Attendants their individual room cleaning schedule as well as providing Supervisors with overall views and tools.

Room Attendants, following their schedule, mark as complete the checklists that are set up for each room type. As tasks on the checklist are completed, the room status is automatically updated into Clarity Hotel Manager. This ensures a room’s availability is immediately known. If minibar items are used, the Room Attendant can enter how many of which items and these will be automatically charged to the Guest’s account. If any maintenance is required, a note can be logged and automatically forwarded to maintenance, if anything else needs to be commented on, a note can be entered and immediately forwarded to the reception diary.

The Supervisor’s login provides an overview of Room Attendants progress and updates the room status as they change. The Clarity Housekeeping Mobile App allows a Supervisor to reschedule on the fly to achieve timely completion of housekeeping and best use of resources, send messages to Room Attendants, and much more. A Supervisor can view the schedule progress, view the checklist progress of any room and is updated with any alerts, for example maintenance.

The Clarity Housekeeping Mobile App enhances the already sophisticated housekeeping capabilities of Clarity Hotel Manager. With multiple cleaning plan options, auto or manual advance scheduling, user-defined checklists, mini-bar charging, maintenance logging, chargeable cleaning plans, linen and item lists – Clarity Hotel Manager is a powerful management system that users are finding outstanding.

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