This week we’re finishing up our series with part three of useful Hospitality websites to help you start off 2016. This weeks focus is on General Resources. These handy sites range from social media, copywriting, marketing & graphic design. You may find some of these website to be extremely useful for improving productivity, learning new methods, or just for keeping up with new trends. If you missed out on the previous posts make sure you go back and check out part 1 & part 2


1.  HubSpot Marketing Blog 
The HubSpot blog is brimming with useful content. It includes everything from articles about improving your email campaigns to free budget planner templates. Use it. Love it.

2. Marketing Profs 
The sheer size of the library on this website can be a little overwhelming because there’s just so much goodness. If you want to know how to improve your social media presence, increase your sales, run better promotions, you name it, it’s here!



4. Vero 
The Vero blog literally contains everything you need to know about writing emails that actually convert customers. Check out their 40 Tips for Dramatically Better Emails. Look at all those ideas!


Social Media

5. Social Media Examiner 
This should be your one-stop-shop for mastering every single social media platform out there (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat…) Their how-to articles are very easy to follow, and they write for both beginners and more advanced social media users.

6. Hootsuite blog
The Hootsuite blog is full of practical tips about managing your social media presence (which makes sense since they provide free scheduling software). They also share creative social media promotions that have gone really really well, so check them out for inspiration.

7. Go Future Media 
Holly Galbraith focuses on social media from a travel marketing perspective. In her podcast she interviews experts from around the world. They talk about things like targeting Chinese travelers and how Instagram influences travelers.


Graphic Design

8. Canva 
I can’t recommend this tool enough. If you need to create beautiful and shareable graphics, but you don’t have the budget to hire a graphic designer, then you can use this for free. If design is something you would like to learn more about however, check out the Canva blog.



9. Neil Patel 
Neil Patel is a copywriting genius. His articles will help you figure out how to get started on your blog, what kind of content you should be writing, and traps to avoid.

10. Grammar Girl  
If you’re worried about your grammar, search the Grammar Girl blog. She has the answers to super specific questions, from “What is the difference between ‘effect’ and ‘affect’?” to “Is it ‘first’ or ‘firstly’?”

11. Headline Analyzer 
When you’re blogging, your headline pretty much determines if someone is going to read your article or not. Use this tool to figure out how attention grabbing your headline is, and what you can do to improve it.

12. Moz Title Tag Previewer 
Paste your headline into this tool so you can see how it’s going to appear on Google. If it gets cut off, revise it.



13. Event Planning Blue Print
If you’re just delving into events this year, or you need some help making your events stand out, then this blog will help you organize your plans.

14. Event Manager Blog 
Handle your next big event like a boss with this awesome list of event management resources.

15. BizBash 
Do you need ideas for your next big event? Go here, seriously. I love their regular Best Ideas of the Week articles. Recent ones include chef shadowboxesa pay phone where guests can “talk to God”, and a cupcake display wall. Doing something like that will definitely get your guests talking!