This week we’re sharing part two of a three part series of useful Hospitality websites to help you start off 2016. This weeks focus is on Restaurants and Bars. These handy sites range from marketing advice, food trends, to even managing & training staff. You may find that some of these website are extremely useful for improving productivity, learning new methods, or just for keeping up with new trends.

Marketing Advice

1. Nightclub and Bar
This US-based website is a must for keeping up with the bar industry. They have a whole section devoted to unique promotion ideas.

2. Gourmet Marketing 
Gourmet Marketing is another excellent spot for promotion ideas. Check out their other suggestions for increasing your restaurant’s revenue.

3. Toast Restaurant Management Blog
The Toast blog boasts a whole community of restaurant experts. They share advice on diverse topics including customer loyalty programs, restaurant POS systems and menu design tricks.

4. Aaron Allen
Aaron Allen is a popular consultant who blogs about hotel and restaurant marketing techniques. He shares a lot of examples, so you can check out how other businesses are doing it.

Food Trends

1. Foodable 
Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably already know about Foodable, but it’s such a great resource that we’re going to recommend it anyway! This is our go-to resource for food and beverage trends, chef insights and new restaurant concepts.

2. Food Fanatics
Hear from culinary experts and chefs who all have their finger on the pulse when it comes to current food trends.

3. Restaurant Hospitality 
To view some of the content on this site you have to register (it's free though), but there is plenty of publicly visible content as well. And it's really great stuff. The ideas and customer insights will help you plan some amazing menus.

Managing & Training Staff

1.  Donald Burns 
Restaurant coach Donald Burns writes as an industry expert for a number of major restaurant websites, so the best place to keep up-to-date with his articles is by following him on Twitter. He shares resources on a number of topics, though his tips about building strong restaurant teams are particularly inspiring.

2.  The Restaurant Expert
David Scott Peters teaches restaurants how to implement systems so their operations run more smoothly, but he also shares some insightful restaurant management tips. 

3. HotSchedules
The HotSchedules blog is full of innovative new methods for training your staff. It also shares systems that will make your day run more efficiently.