People travel for many reasons, but normally travelers can be separated into two main segments - business and leisure. Identifying the motives behind these two demographics gives marketers valuable insight into how to better engage and give the best experience to each visitor looking to book. We researched some of the top trends by type of customer to evaluate the best ways for hotels to market to each.


Internet Access
Loyalty Points
On-Site Amenities
Mobile Booking

The preferences of business travelers all revolve around the idea of convenience. It begins with the ability to book their travel plans on the go or last minute, making mobile booking an attractive feature for a hotel. Guests traveling for work are most concerned with how quickly they can reach their destination and how efficiently they can get their work done. This means being in close proximity to a convention center and of course reliable internet access. With little down time, business travelers expect to have everything they could need within the comfort of the hotel, such as continental breakfast, on-site restaurants and coffee shops. A hotel offering all of these things on-site can expect to see more loyal business travellers.


Reviews & Recommendations
Comfort & Amenities
Nearby Attractions & Food
Packages & Specials

Leisure travelers have a whole different approach to hotel shopping, focused mainly around comfort and relaxation. Price is another big factor for a leisure traveler considering they are planning a longer stay than a business traveler. In contrast, leisure travelers are on the search for the best deals and packages, paying special attention to customer reviews. A poor guest review can make a big impact on booking, as 82% of leisure travelers consider reviews to be very to somewhat important, compared to 77% of business travellers. For a traveler with vacation in mind, the comfort and added amenities offered by a hotel are the icing on the cake.