Let's start with a question:

You're dating someone new and you get an insight they like roses and Italian food. What do you do..? Read on for the answer.

You're in the business of making your guests fall in love with you

Speaking in generalities: the more you know about you customers, the better. Repeat and referral business hinges on a great guest experience. Gain insight into what your customers love, you can pluck at those heart strings with every stay.

Data - know your guest

As technology continues on its ever changing evolution, the necessity to capture guest information and preferences grows with their ever increasing expectations and individual requirements.

Data and insight have become key features within Clarity Hospitality Software over recent years, and this development pattern is firmly cemented in our road map to enhance and grow over the next twelve months with a vision to provide our customers with the key tools that they require to successfully capture as much information as possible.

Insight - make decisions they'll love you for

By providing our customers with the ability to capture guest preferences in a fully configurable format that is specific to their own property, we are creating a gateway of opportunity to enhance not only customer service levels, but also to gain a greater insight in to who the guests are, what drives them to stay, and ultimately how their stay can be individually enhanced. 

This data is incredibly powerful and allows businesses to not only enhance their guest service levels, but also to build unique and individual memories for their guests that get translated on to social media globally across multiple platforms. This in turn translates to increased rankings on guest feedback sites, and ultimately drives revenue streams by increasing new business levels and enhancing the value of those guests already booking with you.

Gain Clarity, and customers

The power that knowledge of your guests gives you is endless, and that is why at Clarity Hospitality Software we are fully focused on providing you with the ability to capture this data and create relevant insight in to you guests and what they want to experience during their time at your property. 

We'll finish with the answer to the first question... If you want to see them regularly, break out the roses and pasta on the second date.