Hotel Automation

At Clarity we're firm believers that our hospitality software products do great things for improving a hospitality business' productivity, opportunity conversion and profits. Our products make it easier for hotel staff to do their jobs, and make the guest experience as seamless as possible.

Taken to the next level...

A hotel in Japan has taken it's automation to the next level, creating the world's first robot hotel. Check out the video below.

The theory behind this idea is to improve efficiency and productivity while reducing labour costs.

Should you be worried about your job?

While this is all a bit of fun, should hotel staff be concerned about robots taking their place? Well, no. We think not. The actual reviews of this place are not good, with many complaining about frustrating lack of understanding, access and help on hand. If the aim is robots replicating the same experience humans can give a guest, machines replacing humans in complex and demanding hospitality roles is a long way off.

Hotel Software built for humans

Our Hotel Manager, Central Manager and Event Manager software is designed to make hospitality processes run smoothly, making your job easier. We like dealing face to face with all of our customers, and we like staying in touch with them. We don't see that happening as often with robot hotels, so for now we'll pass on the idea.