Wouldn't it be great if integrated software systems gathered guest data when they booked a room, contacted the guest before their stay with customisable, helpful information, during their stay asking questions about what they need and are they satisfied, and after their stay to gather feedback and promote repeat and referral business? With Clarity Hospitality Software you can achieve this, and all with a few hours set up, with the whole process automated after that. Now that is great digital marketing automation.

A funny thing happens when you have digital conversations with your guests, they talk back. Last year we took out a double page spread in AccomNews about Online Bookings and owning the relationship with your guest. here's an excerpt:

Recently I was talking with one of our clients, yes we do that, about bringing guests to their website to book and bringing them back the next time as well. The discussion was around the cost of OTA bookings, but he made a statement that really got my attention.
He said “It’s not so much the cost of the OTA’s as the fact that we don’t hold the Guest relationship, they do.”
This is a hotel that carefully plans their marketing and services to Guests to best retain their loyalty. One of our product features that helps them do this is Clarity Hotel Manager’s pre and post arrival auto emails. Using this ensures the Guest has recurring contact from the Hotel without a huge overhead for the staff. The Hotel also uses other helpful features in Clarity Hotel Manager such as VIP gradings and the CRM interface to use the data captured to build on those Guest relationships.

We went on in that article to discuss Clarity's own digital marketing strategy and how constant relatable content and conversation with our clients led to an increase in client feedback and sales.

Clarity Hotel Manager really does open doors for efficient and fully automated digital marketing to your guests. Not only that, but it helps break the stranglehold OTA's have on owning the guest relationship, so you get to know your guest and what they want, you also get clear feedback on what they thought of you. Positive or negative you can react accordingly and make changes based on this feedback.

These features of Clarity Hotel Manager help you in your journey towards Precision Accommodation. Let's revisit our definition of the term, in short form: The right guest care, in the right place, every time. In long form: The customisation of accommodation, with staff decisions, practices, and/or products being tailored to the individual guest. Your goal as a hotel owner/manager should always be to seek out ways to automate complex processes, and have your staff focus on doing their jobs well without delay or the need to expend time and energy on unnecessary tasks.

If you would like to see just how Clarity Hotel Manager can work for you to get your Marketing and Automation levels to where they need to be, contact us, we're happy to help.